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Uluslararası Özet bildiri Etkinlik Adı: 5th International Symposium on Chaos, Complexity and Leadership (ICCLS) Etkinklik Tarihi: 11.12.2017-12.12.2017 Ülke: -

Attitudes of Junior and senior Students towards Microteaching at English Language Department


Uluslararası Özet bildiri Etkinlik Adı: XI. European Conference on Social and Behavioral Sciences Etkinklik Tarihi: 01.09.2016-04.09.2016 Ülke: -

  • 16.12.2016-18.12.2016 SERGİLER/Karma sergiler /

    Story Poster and Coaster

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  • 12.12.2016-16.12.2016 SERGİLER/Karma sergiler /

    Learning by Doing

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  • Avrupa Birliği 01.09.2014-01.09.2014  | Proje Tamamlandı | 

    Adı: HELP Healthcare English Language Programme Project

    Konusu: The main aim of HELP was to create an innovative standard learning setting for healthcare Englishlearners and professionals at the levels B1 and B2 of the CEFR.HELP has been funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus programme and addressestwo political priorities of the EU: ICT and Open Source usage and Multilingualism by using ICT tomodernise European Union Higher Education and strengthen quality mobility and cross-bordercooperation. The key aspects are internationalisation, promotion of labour market integration andenhancing competitiveness in the healthcare industry.The HELP project is mainly targeted at Higher Education. Bearing in mind priorities and contributionto the modernisation of Europe´s Higher Education systems as outlined in the 2011 EUModernisation Agenda, we see potential to transfer our results not only to foreign language learningat HE level but to transfer the relevance of results and conclusions to other HE studies as well,especially with regard to media use, flexible and motivating learning approaches and to widen accessfor HE studies.Higher Education has to prepare individuals for working in a globalized work environment,developing foreign language and intercultural competences for cooperation with others. Werecommend that this challenge finds corresponding solutions and HELP shows how it can work.In our programme we start from knowledge but aim to prepare to develop competences in a holisticway.Our innovative approach to combine the development of professional and personal knowledge, skillsand competences (working on medical, linguistic, intercultural, ethical and social content, usingmotivating methodical approach) guarantees the intended impact on progress in Higher and FurtherEducation. Görevi: Araştırmacı

  • Avrupa Birliği 26.06.2017-26.06.2017  | Proje Tamamlandı | 

    Adı: lnnovative Conflict Resolution Approaches for Youth Workers Through Non Formal Education.

    Konusu: The project ’xx’xxInnovative Conflict Resolution Approaches for Youth Workers Through Non Formal Education” is a shared project idea among partner organizations. The main idea came as a result of several months discussions with relevant to the youthfield stakeholders, project managers’xx reflections, interviews from youth workers and youths and analysis of results and impact from other TC under YiA and E. All 7 partners organizations (Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy) face within their organizations daily important issues. In a more specific context youth workers of partner organizations work in environments where they observed often and deal with acts of non desirable and non easy managing attitudes. They observe that some of their youngsters behave irresponsible to their obligations and duties moreover two refugees as members of the organization and in general of the local communities. Moreover the youthworkers mention that they would like to be more competent to face issues of conflict and anger management that happening in their organizations and centers. They are often referring to their personal and professional lack of skills and innovating methods to approach youngsters in order to confront several unexpected acts that happen in often basis. The refugee youngsters are observed to be less active citizens for their community welfare, easy attracted to acts of conflicts, xenophobia and discrimination. Additionally youth workers recognize that some of their youngsters are non very cooperative with them. Youthworkers admit that the main reason might be the methods/approaches that sometimes/often they use in their organizations/centers.Looking through these issues all partner organizations came to the conclusion that there is a serious need of designing a project to support our youthworkers to develop themselves professionally and personally. We want to provide means, methods, examples, practices and share ideas through joyful learning using non formal approaches in order to empower both their youngesters and refugee youngesters with the development of their basic key competences and with the increase their self confidenceIn other words we will implement a project and a training course using non formal approaches for supporting our youthworkers to acquire elements and keys for their improvement in order to facilitate them to:- empower the implementation of successful practices of conflict resolution that may observed within their organizations- promote Social (and Gender) Equity,- assist youngsters within their society to turn into more persistent in building their future in the framework of innovation and entrepreneurhsip. Görevi: Araştırmacı

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